Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Lucky 13.

Thirteen isn't always an unlucky number...especially when it was 13 years ago today I got married to a truly amazing woman in a little park in Virginia Beach.

There have been a lot of miles, and a lot different houses between now and then...but each one has been a home because of her. 

A few years ago, she revealed to me that about two weeks after we go married(after we had driven from Virginia, to Connecticut to load up my Ranger and a U-Haul trailer, and then headed west), she had cold feet.  When I snuck out to pick up Subway across from a motel in Montana, she had called her mom and asked if she could come home.  Her mom told her she was home...and that was that.

I still owe her mom big for that.

Obviously, even after 13 years, I can't read my wife's mind, but I have to believe that was the closest we have come to not making it.  Oh...not every day is perfect...but most of them are amazing...and I can't imagine things without her.

Which is nice, because I do not think it's exaggerating to say we are both like fine wines, getting better as we age.

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