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Motivated, but not quite that motivated.

Asparagus is on sale at Safeway for 99 cents a pound, and the prices don't get much better than that.

However...I'm filling a bit lazy.  Not so much lazy, but greedy of my time.  This Sunday was my last day with nothing scheduled for just about 3 weeks.  We have 4 night of Full Dress Rehearsal this week, before opening night on Friday, then shows the next two weekend.

So...I really didn't feel like breaking out the pressure canner like I did last year when I bought a 20 pound box to pickle up.  Instead, I bought about 9-10 pounds, and decided just to blanch it, and freeze it.  We like asparagus in our stir-fries and quiche, so, a couple of bags of frozen asparagus will come in handy.

It's always kind of depressing, when you realize how much of the asparagus you are throwing away...from what I bought, I had just over 4 pounds to put in the freezer.

All is not lost though. 

No...it's not slaw...close though.  I ran all the 'woodsy' ends of the asparagus through my food processor, along with a leftover quarter head of cabbage.  While researching compost piles, I came across one lady who maintains a separate blender just to shred stuff up before she composts it...give nature a head start.
I'm not quite that crazy, but shredded asparagus and cabbage aren't too hard to clean up. 
Yup...I spoil my compost pile just as much as I spoil everything else around here.  

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