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Can't wait any longer!

With last frost usually falling in mid-April, we are finally at the point that I can get serious about gardening...I used a few free hours yesterday afternoon to get some seeds started.

I've never tried these little 'starter pellets' before.  I did some research to see if there were any real result difference between the peat ones and the coconut fiber ones, and couldn't really find anything, so I ended getting the peat ones, just because I liked the convenient little trays they came in.

I don't have a huge variety there...5 different kinds of tomatoes, and then zucchini and a type of winter squash. 

There will be more than that in the garden, but, everything I've read says cucumbers don't transplant well, and well, neither do carrots...and I have NEVER had good like trying to start pepper plants myself.

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