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Singing!  Dancing!  Talking snowmen and anthropomorphic reindeer best friends...it must be a Disney movie!

Frozen was pretty good movie.  It doesn't crack my Top 5 Animated Disney movies(Lion King, Toy Story Series, Tangled, Up, and the Incredibles(in no particular order))...but it might make the Top 15. 

The story is solid, and the animation, much like in Tangled, breathtaking.  As always in Disney movies, it's the combination of the animation and the music that sells it.  Kristen Bell, playing the younger princess does a passable job on her songs.  Tony Award winning actress Idina Menzel, playing the older sister and new queen, has the big show-stopper of a song, 'Let it Go'.

It is  Disney, and not Pixar, so the movie is a bit more 'straight forward' for kids, as opposed to having some of the 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' type humor that ends up in a Pixar movie....but my kids loved it. What my wife liked, without giving too much away, is that the new generation of princesses don't need to wait for the hero to save them.  After setting you up to think that two different men were going to have to save Anna, she gets to save herself.

So yeah, good movie...although getting to see the trailer for The Lego Movie made it all worth it to me.

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