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Who'd of thunk it?

As proof positive that Party Names and other such labels are increasingly bunk, I actually find myself nodding my head and agreeing with a piece of legislature introduced by a Democrat...and a New England one at that.

Charlene Lima, a Democrat Representative from Cranston, introduced a bill to do away with traffic checkpoints for Drunk Drivers, saying it 'smacks of a police state' and sober drivers should not have to prove they are sober.

True that. 

The bill is currently out in the Judiciary Committee in Rhode Island, and while it will not effect me 2800 miles away, I wish them luck. 

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  1. They keep trying to pass a law here to allow them. There has been a local increase in DWIs recently, which further mucks things up. Current laws need proper enforcement; a man who killed a local neurosurgeon was just released on probation after serving less than a year in jail. This happened a day after a police officer was killed by a drunk driver. Pro-tip: if you ever visit San Antonio, stay the hell off the freeways after midnight.