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Different Ways of telling a story.

We have been going to our new church on Richland for about three months now.  We have only skipped out one weekend we were actually in town, and that was the day after the big Sharefest volunteer event, when both my wife and I were too sore from helping build community garden plots at a park to even think of moving.  I'm sure that the church smelled quite a bit like Ben-Gay that day.

It's a nice church...and the Pastor has a very engaging way about him.  As I have previously stated, I was raised just Jewish enough that I am not sure I will ever get the 'Jesus' thing. Faith like that is beyond my current grasp.  Even without the faith though, I acknowledge that the Pastor at this church is a very engaging speaker, and even without the faith component, his sermons usually have a good message that any Proper Human Being should already be following.

This time of year if one of the tougher ones for me to sit there quietly...because, well, Lent and Easter ARE all
about Jesus, and, for the life of me, anytime talk turns to The Easter Story...I can only think of the way I learned the Easter Story...courtesy of Andrew Lloyd Weber, with Carl Andrews riding down on the crane hook, to set Jesus straight.

As a confession, 'traditional' Broadway fans must hate someone like me.  I grew up on the huge, over the top Cameron Macintosh and Andrew Lloyd Weber shows...and Jesus Christ Superstar easily makes my top 5...both on stage, and as one of the best musicals to be put on film. 

Personally, my favorite song from the show, is Heaven on Their Minds, which is the song that starts the show off, and portrays Judas not as the bad guy, but just the guy attempting to be the voice of common sense....I guess I like it because it fits more with my slightly Jewish version of things.  While Carl Anderson does a great job in the movie, I feel that the best version of that song was the one from 1970 performed by Murray Head, whose pop culture claim to fame was doing the song 'One Night in Bangkok.'...and having a brother who was in all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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  1. I still have the double album with lyrics on vinyl. Now I just need to dig out my tuntable to play it.