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Strange, I thought a baby would cost more...

It's not funny, but trying to have a sence of humor is the only thing keeping me from getting in a car and driving to Indianoplis to hurt these people.  In truth, this story is so full of fail that it's disgusting. 

The only bright spot I can find anywhere in the story is that at least the biological mom agreed not to be intoxicated when she came by for her weekly visits. 

Even worse, I'm sure this is neither the 1st, or the last time this has happened.  But, it better be the last for these 4 in-duh-viduals.

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  1. That's...an interesting case. I wonder who those other children are--have these folks successfully bought kids in the past?

    True story: just today the girls and I took the bus to Wal-Mart. We had just gotten off and I was putting Marie in her stroller and the other kids pointed out a toddler boy to me, sitting with the woman I guess was his mom. Well, this guy who was there said something to me about taking the boy! "Take my son. He looks like he could be their brother. Take him!"

    I just ignored him, 'cause, well, I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart is the baby-selling place too, so he may well have been for real.