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Not how I want money saved...

One of the funny things about trying to cut government spending is getting people to agree on what should be cut.  I stick to my opinion that if you were to present the varied government programs to people one a a time, a majority of people would say each and every program is important. 

This is human nature...everyone wants something, they just don't want to make the sacrifice for it. 

Even I am not immune to this, and as proof I give my reaction to this story:

Would Early Prison Release Save Washington Cash?

No, no, no, no, no.

Prison sentences have already been a joke for years based on overcrowding...the have already been kicking out anyone they can possibly justify kicking out. 

If you want to legalize all manner of drugs, and prostitution, I really don't care...in fact, I'm pretty much for it...but if something is going to illegal, make it hurt!  Don't bog down the court system with criminal cases just to slap a guy on the wrist and let him go in 2 months...such an inefficient waste. 

Likewise, I flat out DESPISE the concept of life in prison.  Of course, this is another place where my way of doing things(anything over 20-years equals life, and life equals death) is not likely to get me elected. 

Finally, there is one stat in the article which really had me scratching my head. 

A study conducted by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy found the bill would result in 3,700 fewer crimes over the next 20 years, saving taxpayers $35 million, assuming rehabilitation works.

Well, my dad taught me all about assuming before I was 12-years old, so...


  1. The prison system needs to be totally rebuilt and "reformed," but letting felons out early is not the place to start!

  2. letting felons out early is not the place to start!

    If they're that dangerous, they shouldn't be let out at all.