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Every Day Carry

Back in November, Tam had a post about her collection of small knives.  That's been rattling around in my head, since I have a small knife...and I finally decided to tackle it by talking about my every day carry items.

Since I work in a secure government facility, so there won't be any gun pictures here.  In fact, my every day carry is not very exciting, but I'm not going to put on airs.

Yup...they aren't much to look at, but since they attach to my lanyard, I always have them at work.

The flashlight is an eGear Jolt. What caught my eye is that if you unscrew the back cap, there is a USB adapter for recharging the flashlight.  No batteries to worry about = less for me to forget.  A confession though...when I first saw that the light had a USB adapter, I bought it because I thought it was a flashlight AND a memory stick.

If one believes the literature, it's a 25 lumen light...but I don't know if I buy that.  It doesn't seem as bright as my AA Maglite...and I thought that was rated at right around 15 lumen.  So...no tactical blinding applications, but,  I learned early on being stationed on a submarine that there is a HUGE difference between total dark, and total dark with ANY kind of flashlight.  This one is bright enough to look for something behind my desk, or check to see if a mark on a glovebag is scuff mark, or an actual hole. 

The knife is a Cold Steel Urban Pal. 
The vast majority of it's use is cutting up ham or roast when we do a pot luck at work.  Other than that, it's used to open boxes, pop cable ties, or ummm...whatever else you might want to a knife.  It's very handy, and the edge has held up amazingly well.  I want to say I have had that knife for over three years now, and I have never once really sharpened it...but I don't need 'super sharp'...other than it's easier to hurt yourself with a dull knife than a sharp knife.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for some kind of smaller knife.  

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