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There is wrong, and there is WRONG...

Well, looks like I found a good article to get my rage all fired up first thing in the morning.

Two Million Dollar Lottery Winner Defends use of Food Stamps.

So, basically, this guy has won 2 Million Dollars in the Michigan State lottery...but that money counts as an asset, and not as income...so he still qualifies for the food stamps that he was on BEFORE he won the lottery.


Okay, before I totally go off on this guy...once upon a time, when I was an E-5 in the Navy, we qualified for WIC here in Washington.  A few months later, I made E-6, at which point it was possible that my income may have put us above the WIC threshold.  I confess that it's also possible that I didn't have my wife go right in an pull us off WIC...we possibly waited until the next re-certification period(3 additional months) and continued to collect the benefits during this time. 

It's possible that I was a bad person.  My wife, daughter and ended up with probably about $100 worth of milk, peanut butter, cheese and baby formula that we probably weren't entitled to anymore by the letter of the law. 

What this guy is doing is worse.  If the WIC office had called us in, and it turned out that my income WAS too much to qualify, I would have at least acted chagrined, and apologized for working around the system.
Not Mr. Leroy Fick.

"If you're going to try to make me feel bad, you're not going to do it," Fick told WNEM-TV in Saginaw on Monday.

Now, in reality, one person on food stamps is less than nothing in the State Budget.  I'm sure the cost of running the paperwork to cancel his food stamps will end up costing more than just keeping them going for another year would cost.  I'm not saying he needs to be drug on in the street and publically flogged. After all, he is just doing what the totally infallliable, 100% efficient government run system is letting him do.

But man, if you have just won 2 MILLION Dollars in the State Lottery, at least pretend to be embarrassed when you are asked about it. 

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  1. What gets me going about the whole thing is that everywhere else, assets do count for food stamps. I've known people who need them due to layoff or what-have-you, but who don't qualify because of retirement savings (which, of course, you can't easily get to, and you lose much of when you do). But here's this dude who, even after losing half in taxes, still had a million freaking dollars to work with, & did nothing to improve his situation. Maybe I'm weird, but when I think of "if I had a million dollars", I start thinking of stuff like starting a business and buying real estate.