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Waking up this morning, and finding myself with a few extra minutes to kill before needing to head out the door from work, I jumped on yahoo to read the headlines real quick, and I couldn't even make it past the 2nd paragraph of the FIRST STORY before I turned off the computer and decided it would be better for my health to sit in the dark for 10 minutes instead of watching the news.

Boehner says ready to cut budget deal today

The 2nd paragraph in question reads thusly:

Obama warned that congressional failure to raise the debt limit could lead to a worse financial crisis than 2008-09 and urged that debate stay separate from spending cuts.

It's really that last section I italicized that blew my circuits.  How can you responsibly talk about raising the mandated Debt limit without also having a serious, detailed discussion about how you are going to cut spending to prevent having to do this again in three or four years?

I know...this is a rhetorical question...there is no 'responsible' way to let the debt get bigger...AND NO ONE, even Boehner, wants a 'serious' detailed discussion about what spending they are going to cut.

I'm also tired of hearing about the 'Financial Crisis of 2008-09'.  As someone who is trying to sell a house that I owned for 6 years FOR THE EXACT SAME PRICE I BOUGHT IT FOR...how's about we man up and start calling it the Financial Crisis of 2008-???????

Hello Monday...


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  1. Didn't ya know, the crisis ended when we sold our souls to bail out the banks and the Big Three? Everything's just peachy!