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It's for a good cause.

Sorry things have been light around here.  The last few evenings I have been busy trying to get things wrapped up around here so that we can head out on vacation soon.  Most of that has involved getting plants into the ground, and getting packed. 

I learned that I was totally justified in planting 50% more seeds than I thought I was going to need to put in the garden.  While carrying trays of seedlings outside for 'hardening off', I got lazy and didn't put my cat in the bathroom.  She made a break for it, and I dropped a tray of 6 tomatoes and 2 zucchini down the stairs trying to stop her.  Major mess, and some sad plants that went in the trash.

I also have learned that next year I will skip the little 'peat moss' tablets to start seeds.  While it worked great at first, when I transplanted the 'pellet's into the larger pots...I don't know why, but the seedlings stayed root bound.  I peeled the little fabric sleeves off the exterior of each pellet...but the roots still didn't expand out of the peet.  So...the seedlings did really good for a few weeks, but the last week or two, things have started fading...bad.  I'm hoping that they bounce back now that they are in the ground.  I broke up the root balls as good as I could...now it's a waiting game. 

Luckily, since we are going out of town for a few days, it won't be like watching paint dry.  By the time we get home, it will be all over...I'll either be a happy celebrating farmer, or a running to Home Depot to buy new starts farmer.

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