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Sad Gardener Face

Man...sometimes the weather here in Eastern Washington can be really frustrating.  We just don't have much of a 'spring'.  We go from day time highs in the 40's to day time highs in the 80's very rapidly. 

As a result, some vegetables are tougher to grow than others.  For about the 3rd year in a row, I am not pleased with my spinach.

We're not even into June yet, and both my pots of spinach are starting to bolt already. 

I can guarantee you, this makes my chickens much happier than it makes me.  We had one salad for dinner last week using some of our spinach...and that is about the only use it looks like I am going to get out of it.  My kale and lettuce are still doing good....I just might have to start focusing on spinach as entirely a fall crop. 

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