Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Packing it in(and up).

We spent our final day in San Diego in a kind of mellow manner.  Instead of an 'open to close' theme park visit, we stated close to our rental in North Park, and visited a few museums and gardens in Balboa Park. 

We started at the Museum of Man(an anthropology museum) before leaving the park for lunch, and then heading back in to visit the Air and Space Museum.

As you can  tell...I think our little group was starting to suffer from burnout.  Usually, my older daughter would be jumping for joy to pose with the Sasquatch-like Gigantopithecus.

Or maybe I just take pictures at the wrong time.  Either way...there WERE plenty of smiles...and it was a good last day. No running around...we got to places when we got to them, while being back at our rental by 5 to start packing things up. 
Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day. We are having pipe dreams of driving straight through.  On the way down, we planned out the stops at Sequoia National Park, and then the museums in L.A. Nothing like that is planned for the return...and we are hoping we can hit the road at 5AM, and get home between mid-night and 1AM.  I've never tried anything like that...but...due to the way that Eastern Oregon/Idaho are spread out...we either stop 8 hours out, or we push on to finish...there isn't much out there closer than that.  If we stop 8 hours out, then we just need to share another hotel room, before I start pacing at 7AM to get back out on the road, and then we don't get home until 5 Sunday night.
Doing it my way(and my wife agrees), we get home late, late, late(or early, early, early), but then we can spend Sunday in our comfies...at our house. 

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