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Yesterday was Mothers Day, and it was also a day of rest and recuperation for my family.  For three of the four of us, it was it was the first time in over a week where we didn't have to get in the car.  The girls got to play in their bedrooms, and play with their full Lego collections in the family room.  They got to sit around and play with our cat(who was very happy to see us...she was vey lonely while we were gone). 

I had a pretty slack day.  I did have to get dressed and leave the house for a bit...we needed milk, and bread, and I had to buy a few things to make a pot of soup.  For Mothers Day, my wife wanted a pot of my Zuppa Toscana, and so I obliged her.  We are on the verge of summer here...temps are expected to be in the mid-80's most of the next week, and so the clock on 'soup weather' is rapidly running out.

I took Monday off work as part of my vacation.  There had been about a 30% chance that we weren't going to make it back in one day, and if we had had to stop, it was going to be at such a point that we weren't going to get home until Sunday evening...and I knew I was going to want a day to recover.  I can't be quite as lazy today.  The front yard needs mowing BAD, and the back yard could use it too. I have a few decisions to make in my garden.  I need to pick up some peppers, and I am trying to decide how long to wait on my cucumber seeds to pop up before I just buy some starter plants.  The tomatoes that I started indoors look like they are doing good, as are both the winter and summer squash. 

But...I can still finish my cup of coffee and try to ignore the fact that I am going back to work tomorrow. 

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