Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Well, that's over.

Things have been light around here lately...I've been in requalification training this week, so my evenings have involved a certain amount of cramming for my test.  I brought all my study guides to San Diego, but strangely enough, I didn't get much studying done there.  Heck...I'm just happy I remembered to bring them all home. 

It's been three years, but I'm still adjusting to the difference between the test here and the tests I used to take at PSNS. The big difference is, well...multiple choice!  Oh, there are a few different 'key words and tricky phrases', but, the multiple choice vs. short answer/essay is the main one.

Anyway...it looks like I might be over-studying...I got a 95 on my test today. 

Tomorrow is a new day, with a new crises...and it's the first day in almost 2 weeks I need to go all the way out to my office.  I kind of(well, REALLY) wish I could take it off...but I only earn 2 weeks off a year, and so after taking 6 days off to go to San Diego, I really can't afford to not go in just because 'I don't want to!' 

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