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Supply run!

I'm kind of 'batching' it the first part of this weekend.  My wife and kids have headed to the other side of the state to visit the World's Greatest Nana.  There is a wedding come up in July, and this is the weekend for dress fittings and cake tastings. 

When the plans were initially made to do that this weekend, I don't believe a calendar was consulted.  I think that all parties involved were used to Memorial Day weekend being at the END of May...so I volunteered to stay behind and take care of cats, and chickens, and catch up on some yard work. Oh, there might also be some lounging around in my skivvies and catching a movie involved also(hopefully I remember to put the pants back on before movies or yard work).

To be sure I could make it to Sunday though, I had to hit the grocery store this morning.

The wine is a rose that we had previously purchased onsite at a smaller local winery...I was excited to find it in a store, so I bought a bottle to replace the one we drank last week.  The beer is Session Black, which is I highly recommend, and in the packages there is 6 pounds of bacon. 

I probably won't get to the wine this weekend...but the others, well...challenge accepted.  Luckily, I had a couple of bottle of beer in the fridge already incase I get dry mouth. 

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  1. While I do envy aspects of your married life, truly. Urhm, within propriety, the envy that is. I have to say, while batching it full time has it's downsides... As you can plainly see, there are some upsides.

    Now, I'm not trying to suggest ANYTHING. Mostly. But... six pounds of bacon? Oh, no complaints. I'm just thinking that might be a bit much, with what else you are buying, unless you have a LOT more beer at home. Still, I salute the notion. :) If I make it to town tomorrow, since I do have beer and am running out of brisket (hardwood smoked over real charcoal, mind you), I may have to see about a pork shoulder or such... I'm not sure smoking beef is my favorite, though I will continue experimenting. But pork? Oh yes. Heavily smoke that. Anyway, thanks for the chuckle and... notion. Smoked pig just... well... it ought to happen, and more often, innit?

    Good luck surviving and keeping the fort... well... from moving, too much.