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For my Birthday Date Night last night, I decided that going to a movie sounded like a good plan.  If my birthday was next weekend, the choice would have been easier...the new X-Men movie opens next weekend, and that is one of the top 2 or 3 movies on my list this year.

There were a few movies that interested me this weekend...the new comedy Neighbors, Captain America 2 was still playing...and then there was Godzilla. As I have said before, I was initially not that interested in the Godzilla remake/reboot...but, of the movies playing this weekend, Godzilla had the most 'Need to see it on the Big Screen' factor.

It was worth it, I think. We actually paid the extra money to see the 3D version.  Part of my justification for that was that hopefully the extra coin would help to keep the riff-raff out on opening weekend.

I don't want to give away too much...but, it was good.  I mean, like 1600% better than the Mathew Broderick version from 1998.  Obviously, the most recent comparison would probably be Pacific Rim. I would say that Godzilla is a better movie than Pacific Rim...better actors, an actual plot(even if there were two or three things that caused me to sigh in regards to our military and nuclear power) and, some satisfying monster on monster action. 

However, I think beginning to end, Pacific Rim was a more entertaining movie...I plowed through much more popcorn and soda during Pacific Rim than Godzilla. 

I'm much more intrigued by the trailer we saw for 'Lucy' now, than I was for Godzilla.

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