Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Bones, Bones, Bones.

Two stops today, both of them with a paleontology bent. 


There were lots of bones, and lots of mock-up animals.  Lot's of talk extinction....especially on the freeway, where I thought driving into downtown L.A. was going to be more than I could handle. 

Speaking of more than someone could handle...this picture of my wife cracked me up.

Look at her there...the perfect picture of zen and tranquility while the kids look at hour FOUR of fossils. 

I only hope I am that mellow if the kids ever ask to go to a fiber arts museum. 

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  1. There was a recent story here in DC about the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian getting a T-REX skeleton (fossil). It seems the one they had on display for decades was only a mockup. Fake. It seems that this is true almost everywhere. Most fossils are not "museum display quality". So the few that are good are reproduced in plastic or ceramic and then displayed as if they are real. This accounts for how every museum in North America can all have a complete copy of the rarest of the rare. Among museum professionals, Fake = real.