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Soup Shoppe

On the way into San Diego the other day, my wife spotted a cute little place called San Diego Soup Shoppe, that looked very promising.  A quick check on yelp revealed that they might be worth visiting.  One of the things we talked about before this trip was that we would NOT be eating every meal out.  We were actually going to try to limit it to once a day, meaning that the opportunities to visit quality places would be limited.  My wife made it quite clear that this was not going to be a 'Man vs. Food/Diners, Drive-ins and Dive' tour of So Cal. 

I'm behind that too...eating out equals $$$$$.  To that end, we brought some dry goods, and a cooler of meat so that we didn't have to buy stuff to cook at the rental place either.   It also makes sense money wise to do breakfast or lunch when we do eat out.

Soup Shoppe fit the bill...and as soon as we saw from their website that they had lobster bisque on the menu, well...there was no doubt that we were going.

It ended up being worth it.  My wife did have the lobster bisque and then a mushroom and brie balsamic sandwich(half).  I had the Italian wedding soup, with the Award Winning Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich.  The bisque was as good as advertised(better than mine he said honestly(or they wouldn't be in business)), and I can see why the turkey sandwich was voted best sandwich in San Diego.  The cheese was a wonderful sharp cheddar...and the blueberry preserves on the sandwich went with it perfectly.  Amazing, amazing.

Neither meal lasted long enough for pictures, but luckily, the kids were willing to ham it up.

My younger daughter had the grilled cheese, which had some of the same tasty cheddar as on my sandwich, as well as a few other cheeses too.  Older daughter had a ham sandwich...and it tasted good. Unfortunately she is not a big cheese fan, or tomato, so the sandwich did not reach it's full potential...but I still enjoyed the bite I stole.
If we were locals, I would certainly see us frequenting this place. 

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