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A day like any other.

Well, it's official.  I am creeping towards old age.  Life Level: Curmudgeon, here I come!

Yup...it's my birthday, and the last one that I can still say I am in my Late 30's for.

The day started out like most days.  I am a chronically early riser, and the family has almost zero chance of preparing me breakfast in bed...so they don't usually try.  It's easier to plan on going out for breakfast on my birthday, and that's what we did. 

Before that though, I had to get some work done out in the yard.  I had been trouble finding the type of peppers I wanted to put in the garden last week...everyone had hot peppers in stock, vice the sweet peppers I want...and when I did find sweet peppers, they were almost $3.50 a piece for single plants in a 4" pot.  Sheesh.

Luckily, during my training lunch break Thursday, I had a chance to hit one of the smaller local nurseries, where I found a few different types of sweet peppers, available in pony packs for under two bucks.  I bought a few of those, and then on a lark, bought a pony pack of tomatillos, and another of sugar pumpkins.  Those will be interesting to try to grow vertically. 

Despite keeping them in the shade, and plenty wet, I felt like buying them Thursday and holding on to them until Saturday was as far as I could push my luck, so at 8am this morning, I was putting them into the ground.  After that, I had to go around and stake up all my tomatoes, and tomatillos and sun flowers.  The veggies will get something closer to cages as the season goes on, but for now, stakes will keep them on the straight and narrow.

Breakfast was good, and will merit further discussion.  I could swear I have talked about the Sage Port Grille before, but...I can't find it in my back posts to link about.  More to follow on that one...

After breakfast, we went out to buy my birthday present. 

Although, since I haven't had a chance to hold her yet, I'm not sure how you can say she is mine. 
We needed a 2nd cat.  Since we had to put Rueben down...Dahlia hasn't been the same.  She sleeps WAY more than she did when we had two cats.  Part of that is she is getting older...at 2, she is not a kitten anymore...but she is also used to other cats.  She was born at the pound, and then came right home with us to find Rueben already established. 
We are hoping that here and this new kitten get along.  Time will tell...after some initial hissing at the kitten in it's carrier, they have been playing the 'ignore' game.  Better than a snarling cat fight.

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