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That didn't last long.

Before we even bought our house, we knew we were going to need to get some shelving in the garage.  I would have LOVED to have a carpenter come in an build some custom stuff, but that wasn't in the budget.  What was in the budget was some fairly manly looking plastic shelving from Home Depot.  It was rated at 200 pounds a shelf, 800+ pounds total. 

Last week, I was out grabbing some peanut butter, and I noticed that we were getting some fairly noticeable sagging on a few of the shelves. 

Well...we still don't have the budget for custom shelving, but I did what I should have done in the first place, and decided to go with metal shelving...I just have to accept that I can't replace all 6 shelves at once.  The ones I picked up are rated at 4000 pounds total...and I think hope that they will be good for a number of years.

Next weekend, I'll hopefully get another two, and have them all swapped out before the new shelving starts counting as Christmas gifts.

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  1. We have bought quite a few of those old steel shelving units at estate sales. Average cost for six sets so far.....$12 each.