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Nothing new under the sun.

As my daughters have gotten older, they have started to have those things all women have...you know...opinions.

One of the negative sides of that(and there are positives) is that I find myself listening to music I otherwise wouldn't in the car...teeny-bopper type stuff, which is an issue, because some of it has serious 'ear worm' potential.

We all know the only way to get rid of an ear worm is to pass it on...but, I have to admit, when I listen to this song by Paramore...I think it would TOTALLY fit in on 'Tragic Kingdom'...No Doubt's breakthrough album, which would make my Top 10 list of CD's from the 90's...so...put up against that comparison, I guess it's not a horrible song...

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  1. My brother started going that way. I sort of laughed at him. He has two daughters as well. I may have to... lend some understanding. It's a good father who... can go there, I suppose. I can't quite do that song by Paramore. Way too girly for me. But I really liked Now by them. If you want to... clear some of the... feminine, just a bit, but with that group. Gives you a more manly retreat if you need it, maybe. Still a bit girly, but fighting, and grenades, and smoke flares, and gasmasks! :p

    Oh, fie, go listen to the girly stuff with them, just... don't get lost there. *laughing*