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In an effort to keep providing the chickens with fresh(cost efficient) growing things over the winter, I've started getting into sprouting.  So far I have tried three different things with various results:

1. Whole oat groats, which did poor, poor, poor. Only done one batch so far...will have to try again since I still have half a pound of them to play with.

2. Lentils.  Have made two successful batches so far...and they have done 'okay.'  We have um...plenty of them in the house, and it's a good excuse to rotate some older bags out.

3.  Clover seed.  I went to the local health food store looking for things to sprout, and while they have a generic 'salad/sandwich sprouting mix', it was right around $15 a pound, but I noticed it appeared to be made up of roughly 50% clover seeds by volume, and clover seeds by themselves were only $6 a pound...so I got all kinds of cheap, and bought half a pound to see how they did.

They did OUTSTANDING.  This is my 2nd batch, which the birds will get tomorrow.

Almost 2/3rd of a quart from 2 table spoons of seeds.  Not too shabby.  And they don't taste bad either...I grabbed a pinch of the first batch last week.

Next week, I'll look for a few other things to try.  We have many different types of beans around the house...I'm sure I can try a few different kinds of them, for some variety. 

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