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But it's not evil when WE do it.

I don't know why hypocrisy bothers me...but it does.  This week, I have been seeing a lot of folks on facebook going off about Big Business Subsidies, and of course, they are all the Republicans fault. 

Except when it is the Democratic Governor of Washington calling a special session of the State Legislature to get a series of bills passed that will save Boeing $8 billion in an effort to convince Boeing to open a new factory in the south Puget Sound area. 

You know...I really don't have a problem the idea itself.  I'm assuming that someone has done the math and figured out that even though they are saving Boeing $8 billion, the state expects that they can make MORE than $8 billion in increased excise taxes and property taxes. 

Mmm...that word...assuming.  Guess I'd rather say 'assuming' than 'hoping'...using the first one means I expect to be disappointed. 

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