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Happy Birthdays.

There are a couple of birthdays today. 

First, 238 years ago, Captain Samuel Nicholas formed the original 2 Battalions of the United States Marine Corps. Serving primarily as shipboard security and sharp-shooters aloft during ship-to-ship combat, we'll just kind of ignore the fact that Congress was dumb(hey, some things never change), disbanding both the Marines and the Navy after the Revolutionary War. 

As a sailor I can admit without jealousy that the Marines Dress uniform is the snazziest looking of any of our armed forces.

picture borrowed from the huffington post
Of course, whatever her talent short-comings, Kim Kardashian is devastatingly pretty, and one heck of an accessory for any uniform.

Speaking of pretty, our other birthday today is this pretty ladies:

picture from countrymusictattletales.
Yes, happy 30th Birthday to Miranda Lambert, who both I, and the voters from CMA Awards think is currently the best female singer in the country genre.  She might not have the straight out vocal chops of a Martina McBride, or even Carrie Underwood, but she's got a growl, and an attitude she is able to get across even through the radio, which is a talent into itself. 

She's kind of purty too. 

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