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Bah Humbug, Vol. 1

Yes, I know yesterday was our Day of Thanks...but please, let me be the first to throw a wet blanket on everything.


What problem, exactly?  I'm guessing they are talking about this relatively new phenomena of stretching 'Black Friday' into Thursday evening.  Although, from the graphic, they are trying to tie that in to 'support of an $11 minimum wage'.  I'm not going to address that one right now, other than to say I am against it, and the whole concept of a 'Living Wage'.  Like I said...this is about Bah Humbug's.

As far as the attempted forced outrage at having stores open on Thanksgiving...Stop...just stop.  You can blame my wife for putting me in this mood.  She had a friend on facebook that just hired on to Macy's two weeks ago as 'seasonal staff' complaining about all the hours they were asking her to work this weekend.  You hired in specifically to make more money over the Holidays!!!!!!!!!

There are MILLIONS of people that work on Thanksgiving. Some of it is for important stuff:  Keeping NFL games on TV, Military, police and firemen, nurses and doctors.  Some of it is for less important stuff: Commerce. 

To steal a quote from Commander Zero: you’re missing the point of preparedness. If theres an opportunity to save money and acquire necessary gear, then I don’t care if it falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or VoodooMan Day. I’m not about holidays, I’m about preparedness.

Now, in this case, I didn't spend enough time in the adds or on the internet looking for black Friday deals(or Thursday night) deals...so I don't spot anything worthy of getting me out of the house.  And trust me...a deal would have to be insane to get me out of the house on Thanksgiving night...just because I am lazy.  Thanksgiving evening I am usually quite full/bloated and pleasantly drowsy.  The last thing I feel like doing is elbowing my way through crowds for the consumer electronic crap that is usually being dangled in the face of the masses.  I have no need for a bigger T.V, or a $3 Door Buster Toaster. 

If someone has a Black Friday deal on .22 ammo, or Celox...I'm there...but that is what the internet is for.

As for the concept that Thanksgiving is sacred...it's a day.  It was picked as the 4th Thursday in November and not tied to any date because....it's not that important.  You shouldn't need a calendar to tell you to cook a turkey, and mashed taters, and over eat....or invite some friends and family over to spend time with them. 

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