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No chance to learn.

Cases like this always bum me out a little bit.  I mean...don't get me wrong...I DO NOT fault the homeowner in the least.  Someone came barreling down his drive way, broke through his gate, and then smashed into some parked cars before trying to force his way into the house. 

The homeowner had his wife lock herself in the bathroom and call 911, while he armed himself and went to investigate.  A scuffle ensued, and the homeowner ended up putting 2 rounds into the rapidly cooling bad guy.

South Prairie man fatally shoots intruder

It doesn't look like there was really a reason for this to have to happen.  A few stories I've read indicate that they think drugs were involved...i.e. the perpetrator was high, and didn't really know what he was doing, and got dumb, and got himself killed. 

It's kind of a bummer...I don't think acting dumb while you are high should be a death sentence, but...man responding with deadly force to something that sets itself up as a snatch and grab doesn't feel like it's out of the box either.  

Too bad this dummy is never going to get a chance to learn from his mistake.   

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  1. Pot? Really? If that was it then the guy was clearly a problem... unless the old stories about marijuana mania do have some truth to them? I honestly don't know. While I hate to see anyone die, I am just glad to see that it wasn't the wrong one, at least according to the incident from which I have to judge that. I can only imagine what would have happened if the old man wasn't armed. Glad he was, so I don't have to have the media bury a story nobody wants to read (but should).