Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


A window!

Due less to my own slightly above average performance and more to the below average performance of someone else, I find myself assigned to a new team at work.  It's a lateral transfer...same job, just a 'reorganization'. 

But...it's a step up, to a better team, doing ever so slightly less mundane work.  Plus...my new office has a window, which my other one didn't have, so it has to be a step up.

Contrary to the earlier opinion of one of my former co-workers at PSNS, this view is FROM my office...my office is not the short, thin blue building on the left side. 
If you can squint past the trailers, it's not a half bad view of Rattlesnake Mountain, although it does need a little bit of snow to make it interesting...otherwise, it's fairly brown.  


  1. Daylight is good. Definitely a step up!

  2. Congratulations. While it might be, mostly, lateral, I agree on the window being... a fringe benefit that makes it more than lateral. It's the little things. Gravel in the shoe or... a window in the office. Plus you can see when the little blue office is open for business.