Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)



After a late start, had a fairly productive day at the new house. 

See....we got most of the important stuff moved over!

I also finished installing the new shelving units in the girls closets.  It's a flexible system, so I might move things around and add a shelf or two, but the hard part is done.  And yes...it was hard...trying to get those things level while simultaneously tightening the 'toggle bolt anchors' was an ass-kicker.  It certainly took me longer than the 'about an hour' the stupid video I watched on youtube said it would. 

Next big task for me is doing the shelving under the stairs.  Today I took out the saggy drywall the previous owners had used for shelving, and maybe tomorrow I can bring over my miter saw and cut the 1 x 4's up that I intend to use for man-style shelves.  


  1. It never takes an hour! I don't think I have done a single job in the time 'someone', including me, thinks! All good, as long as you are happy with the final results. I don't know about you, but if I was more able, I would do a lot more of that sort of thing... even just to do them though often many little jobs make life so much nicer, cleaner, easier, snappier.

    As for late starts, that is as good as it even gets around these parts. I love me some late start! It is nice to see you all settling in. That's just a good thing.

  2. I hate to add pin to balloon but, all the heat from the fridge is probably not good for your wine. Just sayin'

  3. I was thinking about that prior to your bursting my bubble...I'm not sure it's any worse than it sitting in front of a window at our other place. By hand, it didn't feel any warmer up there, but it may be worth sticking a thermometer up there to find out for real. Or, I could just drink it fast enojgh that it doesn't matter.