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At the risk of being called names...

So, earlier this week, Borepatch put up a post about how it's beggining to look like 'universal background checks' might have a chance at the Federal level.  Here in Washington, a bill for background checks has already cleared the State House(but faces a tougher time in the Senate). This shouldn't be too surprising, since the NRA came out shortly after the Newtown shootings and basically said they wouldn't fight background checks.

Here is where I risk my limited reputation....you see, considered in a vacuum, I really don't have a huge problem with adding 'Universal Background Checks'.  It doesn't offend me the way an AWB, or even just a Colorado style magazine limit would....as long as the Background Checks don't evolve into a registration, which wouldn't happen with the way the proposed bill in Washington is worded.  I'd just mentally tack $20-25 on the price of a used gun, and carry on.

The problem is, we aren't in a vacuum, and bending over and taking it on Background checks this legislative session in the hopes that they won't push an AWB only saves us THIS year.  If we give up easy on this fight, then what do we throw under the bus next year?

That's a point I try to get across to my friends...the line NEVER stays stationary.  Either we are trying to make the laws less restictive, or the other side is trying to make them more restrictive.  There is no such thing as enjoying the status quo when it comes to Gun Control.


  1. The other aspect is liberty. I think that once we show, again, we are willing to give up our liberty we set a precedence.

    Why should anyone other than I get to decide who I sell or give my firearms to?
    I am perfectly capable of following the law and if not, arrest me, try me and send me to jail.

    Otherwise, I get to decide if I want to run a background check (my choice -- not a government law) on someone. I shouldn't be forced to do it at Christmas to give my wife a pistol or my son and his wife's anniversary to gift them a Mosin.

    We have an opportunity here to stand fast for liberty and push toward making the government work for us.

    Instead of 'compromising' on a background check law; let's push for a change in the law that Opens N.C.I.S up to everyone, not just FFLs.

    That is a huge difference in law. Put the antis on the ropes in explaining why it isn't good enough, who's judgment they don't trust.

  2. Names!

    See, that didn't hurt to be called?

    Seriously though? Absolutely. That is the problem with giving in on... anything. I am trying to get healthy to actually leave the US. I do regret that. It means not finding a wife, having children, and just... living out the remainder of my days in peace, in my home, in my country, or what was my country. But...

    Demographically, as voting stands, Republicans as they are have lost. If Zero doesn't pull the plug, or the next one, the next "president" will. It's just a matter of time, and inching restrictions in and guns out is what IS going to happen. We've lost unless we fundamentally change the rules.

    I feel for the guys who are tied here. Like you. I hope I get healthy enough, fast enough, to become an expat anyway... at least until someone with a plan to bring things back into line steps forward, or not. It would kill me to have a wife and kids AND have my own country bearing down on my like a threatening Juggernaut. Just... do what you have to do.

  3. It will be registration next. Bet on it.