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Trickle Down Economics

Here at the new house we are all about supporting the service sector.  Earlier today, we had an electrician come in to fix in 10 minutes what I was too scared to do after staring at it for half an hour.  Luckily, he had to charge us for the full hour, but hey...I'm going to give the guy props.  After fixing my outlet, he then went ahead and hooked up the vent ducting on the dryer, and pushed it back against the wall.  Plus, he gave us a quote for what it will cost to have 5 can lights and a new switch installed in the kitchen.

Looks like we get to support someone else too.  Dryer fixed, I went to start a load of wash, only to find out that the magnetic switch on the door of my fancy washing machine had snapped, so...no worky worky. 

Luckily, we paid for the two year protection plan, so this shouldn't cost us anything...it's just time.  It's time my wife has to wait at the new house for a maintenance person when she would be cleaning at the old place. 

Of course, if I'm really lucky, then I might need to leave work early to be at the house to meet the maintenance guys tomorrow.  

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