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You guys need a new pancake recipe.

I'm a sucker.  People like me are the reason that you have to sit through commercials on TV.

Case in point...during a recent trip to the liquor store, I remembered a commercial I had seen for new Crown Royal Maple.  Ooo...new!  Shiny!  Must buy!

Between the whisky section of the store and my truck, I had no fewer than 3 people tell me I was going to LOVE it 'because it tastes just like pancakes!'

I'm here to tell you...the stuff is pretty okay if you are in the mood for something a little sweet, but it does NOT 'taste just like pancakes'. 

It's hard to describe how it does taste...I mean, it's kind of like whisky, with a touch of extra vanilla and sweetness.  When mixed, there isn't a load of difference between the Crown Royal Maple and the Black Velvet Toasted Caramel.  Straight..well, it's still Crown Royal...and it's pretty smooth on ice, or neat.

You just aren't going to confuse it for scotch...there is not the slightest bit of bitter in it. 

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