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Lessons in Attention to Detail.

More than once, I've had a 'friend' jump onto facebook and post something, without first realizing that their significant other is still the one logged into their account.  The same thing would probably happen on twitter, if I participated in that.  So...it happens to the best of us, and usually, it's just kind of embarrassing. 

Unless you share computer accounts not just with a significant other, but with a U.S. Congressman, and then those kind of mistakes can be a firing offense

Hey...I can't blame the guy for being excited.  While I have never watched 2 Broke Girls, I am a fairly vocal fan of Miss Kat Dennings, and as someone who was paying attention to the Superbowl specifically for commercials, this one registered high on my list. 

There just isn't a much bigger demographic to screw this up with than conservatives in Idaho. 

His pain is my gain though, as it gives me the excuse I've been looking for to post the commercial that has caused all the trouble.

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