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Use enough gun

Sometime last year, my cordless drill gave up the ghost.  For Christmas, I got a cordless drill, a cute little 9.6V Black and Decker model.

Today, while trying to drive 2-inch screws into the studs so I could properly mount the new shelving in my daughters closet, I learned that my cute little 9.6V cordless just wasn't up to the task.  So, I ended up making a 3rd trip to the hardware store today, so I could spend more money picking up a man-style plug in drill. 

So, while the new drill made short work of driving those screws into the studs, it also reminded me how expensive it is to be a homeowner.


  1. I have that little black and decker drill. It was perfect when I was living in the apartment and just needed to put together the occasional small project.

    My requested Christmas gift this last year was a heavier duty, higher torq, drill. My SIL ablidged and I now have a very nice Dewalt.....

  2. I thought to be clever, and techy as I am wont to be, chose an 18v cordless. *sigh* I had to go buy another drill, even then, for many projects, a plug in hammer drill. A cheap one of those is priceless... well... and cheaper. :) I still want a 28v-36v system of cordless power tools, if I can get the straight dope on which lasts/works best. It is just wonderful to have real power and not have to worry about a hundred foot cord (which cuts the power to the tool as well, urhm, if it can reach).

    Yeah, don't even go with an 18v, if you have the option, they are rather more cute than useful too, I guess, is my warning.