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Well, that's....different.

Got a wild hair this morning...and one should always be careful of those wild hairs.

I really didn't want a cup of tea, and I really didn't feel like making a full pot of coffee.  Instead, a vision of the jar of Foldgers Instant Coffee Crystals popped into my mind.

We have more than a few jars of instant coffee around the house, of many different brands.  Their shelf stable nature makes them seem like an ideal thing to stock up on. I'm not a person that NEEDS coffee, but sometimes the price is too good to ignore, even if it's just to put them on the shelf, or add them to my hopefully never needed 'barter box.'

Man, I'm a freak.

So, back to the point of this...I've got an open jar of crystals because occasionally, I'll need some coffee flavor for cooking, and a scoop of crystals is easier to add to things than brewing some coffee or espresso for my BBQ Glaze or Tiramisu.  

Not to have the late, great Douglas Adams estate sue me, but to butcher a line, the result was' almost, but not quite, entirely unlike' coffee.

I kind of proved my point...once I added some splenda and french vanilla creamer, it was drinkable.  I suppose in the situations I had envisioned actually drinking 'instant coffee', such as the baggie of it our BOB's or trading a jar for a dozen eggs, I will be glad I've for it.

I just don't see a circumstance in which I make another cup to 'get me going' in the morning around the house. 

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  1. I'm a coffee drinker, or... at least I need my caffeine. But coffee really doesn't store all that well. Still... I have been thinking of buying 50 pounds of various green coffee beans, and learning to roast them myself.

    At first the notion was that green beans last a year, then roasted another year, giving me at least two years of coffee, perhaps more if the beans in both conditions last a bit longer. But then, the coffee I "need" is about... $10 a pound or so. While green beans are only $4 a pound. Yeah, I might just get on the whole 'do it yourself' bandwagon, just for the savings.