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Fresh Bread.

The other day at the local food co-op, I picked up a great looking bunch of kale, and some nice hot Italian sausage, with the thought that I would whip up a pot of wanna-be Zuppa Tuscana.  Life happened, so instead of making it Friday, it ended up sliding until today. 

Along with the soup, I set out to find a new bread recipe to try, and settled on this Ricotta Bread recipe that sounded pretty okay. 

The end result was better than satisfactory.

The only confession I need to make is that I DID NOT make the ricotta from scratch...I had my wife pick some up at the store. 

Even so, the bread was good...very light and fluffy, with only a hint of ricotta flavor.  My only hick-up during the process was I needed a LOT of extra flour to form the balls/loafs after the first rising period...the dough was very sticky.


  1. Definitely going to have to try that one!

  2. Dammit, now I want fresh bread....at almost midnight!