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And the shotgun wins!

A second home invasion in two weeks in Tacoma, a second would-be burglar stopped by a shotgun.

Tacoma homeowner dodges hatchet, shoots would-be burglar

Never mind the whole stupidity behind 'throwing a hatchet at a guy armed with a shotgun' thing.  Making the decision to rob a house already marks you as a little bit less than smart.  What I find interesting/concerning is that this is the 2nd time in two weeks a bad guy has been shot with the 'death ray' that is a shotgun at household distances, and both times the bad guy has lived to talk about it. 

I'd be very, very interested to see the full reports on what type of shell was actualy used here.  Is it really possible that both these guys believed the 'shotgun hype' and felt that a load of 7.5 shot aimed in the general direction of a bad guy is gonna get the job done?  I mean...in both cases it stopped the burglary, but I would prefer putting a bad guy DOWN HARD to injurying one enough he still has enough mental power left to get away. 

Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/crime/2012/06/27/tacoma-homeowner-dodges-hatchet-shoots-would-be-burglar/#storylink=cpy


  1. Don't bring a hatchet to a gun fight?

    Seriously though, a burglar armed with a hatchet? That would not likely end well if the homeowner wasn't armed. Goon on him.

  2. I can only think that some shotgun (and other gun) owners are of the mind that guns are NOT for self-defense (until finding themselves defending themselves with it). Liberals honestly, even the one's who would even consider owning a gun, simply believe the world is hunky-dory, right until they are flabbergasted by reality. Either that, or the owners simply didn't put the right ammunition in the thing after coming home from a shoot (I've been guilty of that at least once). Double ought buck in mine, though I would probably grab the .45 (with 230 grain) or 9 mm (with 147 grain) defense bullets.

    But a machete, really? What, has Africa come to our shor... Never... mind...