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It's a trap!

Earlier today, my wife convinced me to accompany her on a Girl Scouts Field Trip.  The destination of the field trip was the Benton-Franklin Humane Society.  Go along on a field trip to the Humane Society with a bunch of young girl scouts, to be surrounded by kittens, cats, puppy's and dogs? 

Normally, not on your life.  Ever since moving out of the apartment and into the house, my wife has been itching to get a kitten to keep our adopted stray Reuben company.  Well, and because kittens are just cute and amazing.  If I stayed home I would have been willing to bet there was an 80% chance that she came home with a kitten.  It was worth taking the hit for the team(and putting up with a girl scout troop) to change those odds.

Just because you know something is a trap, doesn't always mean you can avoid that trap.

See...I changed the odds alright...straight up to 100%. 

My main concern, and the reason we went with a young female kitten, was we wanted to make sure we brought something home that Reuben would get along with.  So far, things are going good.  There has been some butt-sniffing, and a little back and forth rubbing even.  Certainly nothing like the hissing and batting that happened when we tried introducing a kitten to our old cat, Missy.  She wanted nothing to do with another cat being in HER house. 

The number 1 problem I see right now is going to be keeping 27-pound Reuben out of the kittens(we call her Dahlia) food. 


  1. I saw where this was going! Ha!! Congrats on the new addition. :)

  2. Two cats are better than one! (As long as they get along...)

    She's a cutie too!