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And I'm still alive to talk about it...

One of the things about being a prepper, especially one that's not as well organized as, say, Commander Zero, is that I sometimes find food items that are past there use by date. 

Now...I know that the date printed on can of food is usually a 'best by' date...no one out there seems to feel that the contents of the can are fine on April 13th, and then magically 'go bad' on April 14th.  On the other hand, there is no hard and fast way to figure out just how long something is still good, baring some kind of swelling or deterioration of the can.

This week, while reorganizing the garage, I found about a dozen cans of tuna that went out back in April.  Feeling a little reckless/curious, I popped a can open to make a tuna melt for lunch today.  It smelled like a can of tuna, and looked like a can of tuna(which is not as nice as the pouches of tuna look).  Even with those positive indicators, I'm a loving dad...I used myself as the test subject(mostly because the girls don't like tuna).

No bad effects so far...although I wouldn't have minded a little bit of hallucination.  

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  1. Hmm, yeah. That part is always going to be a bit weird for me. A day over and I sort of freak, then eat it, too. Still, don't you feel weird for a day or two? Placebo affect or something. Then again, I've eaten some rather... ripe beef before. It was in the fridge way too long. It's amazing what we can actually eat would be my guess.