Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Because that's what you do when you're married.

With this being one of our few 'open' weekends for a couple of month period, I had my personal secretary(my amazing wife), line up a baby-sitter for us for the evening.  Our plans were dinner out on the the patio at Tagaris Winery, followed by listening to the live music act they had. 

I tried to ruin things early, first by being a little late getting out of work, leaving me barely enough time to jump out of the shower and get a layer of stank off before my wife left to get the sitter, and second, by complaining about how my wife was dressed.

Before I got in the shower, my wife was trying on different dress selections.  After hitting a plateau for a while, she is back to making progress on her diet, being down right around 50 pounds now.  This is only a problem because she hasn't really updated her wardrobe, and she was not pleased with the way most of her dresses were fitting...baggy is not flattering.  Still, I thought we had narrowed things down to two choices that looked good before I got in the shower.

Imagine my surprise then when I got out of the shower to find her in jeans.  I wasn't just surprised, I was pouty...pouty like a little bitch.  There followed a few minutes of heart-felt discussion, and in the end, I won, and she put a dress back on...maybe I won...we'll have to see if dinner has a strange taste tomorrow.

There was nothing strange about the taste of dinner last night.  Tagaris is my wife's favorite winery in the Tri-City area.  In no uncertain terms, after two years in the Tri-Cities, I think it's also the best restaurant for it's style and price point(that being fancy, and not cheap).  I'm not saying it's my first choice(mostly because of the price point, it's not an everyday reality), but if you find yourself in the Tri-Cities area, and want a dinner to impress, this is the place I would recommend.  This is a totally unpaid endorsement, although I am open to bribery(not that there is a much stronger positive statement I can give them). 

After lingering over a long dinner, and an hour or so of Irish music, it was still barely 8:00, and we had told our sitter we probably wouldn't be home until 9:30-10....what to do, what to do.  Well, since we have kids, we took advantage of not having kids to go do some kid free shopping!  That's right...after a romantic wine and music filled dinner, my night ended the way it began, watching my wife try on dresses, just at Target instead of at home!  Good times were had by all, although, I did get pouty again...

My wife was using one of the 'Family' changing rooms, and she wouldn't let me inside there with her, even though I am family!!!!!!!  Now, that's a good reason to pout. 

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  1. Okay. Now, that is comforting. Oh, no, pouting is bad and all. Just... Seeing inside marriage, knowing me as I do, that there is a little room for fail... it's all good. Yeah, I suppose it would be nice if life were perfect, but it ain't.

    Good luck with supper tonight though. If you stop posting I'll scratch marriage off my bucket list though. Just... saying.