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About time I saw it...

Sometimes, movies can slip through the cracks on you. You remember seeing the trailers and thinking you want to see that movie, but for whatever reason, you just don't make it to the theater.  You here good things about it, but it seems to keep slipping down your netflix queue, and then all the sudden, the movies been out 7 years before you finally get around to watching it.

For me, this movie would be 'V for Vendetta'.  I remember thinking it looked good from the trailers, and I've heard great things about it...I just never made watching it a priority, until this weekend...and boy, have I been missing out.

If somehow, you are even lamer than me, and haven't seen this movie yet, please, stop reading now, and see it.

It's a good movie...enough blood and violence to keep things interesting, and a couple of great speeches and even better ideas.  The fact that V, played by Elrond/Agent Smith Hugo Weaving, gives such great speeches and is a memorable charecter with his face covered 100% of the movie is nothing short of amazing. 

Natalie Portman is also in the movie to give it some much needed Hubba Hubba.  Okay...the movie doesn't need Hubba Hubba, but we get some anyway.  She's also a fine actress(one can't blame the Star Wars prequel's on her...acting with Hayden Christensen must be like acting with a piece of cardboard). 

Plus, as soon as you see Stephen Fry, you know the movie is going to be worth watching.

It's not perfect...my wife really liked the begining, and she liked the concept, and story...she just wished you got to learn a little more than what is hinted about 'V'. 

All in all, it feels like a very timely movie, and something much more likely to play out here in the states than over in Joly Old England.

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  1. First off, thanks for fixing the comments options to allow Name/URL.

    Check out Portman's debut in 'The Proffessional' (sometimes labelled as "Leon") great gunplay and a scenery-chewing Gary Oldman make for a *classic* movie. I could watch the 'Alpha Team Removal' scene over and over.......