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Setting Guys back 1 Million years

First things first, it is my Humble Opinion that there is a world of difference between cheating on a woman you are married to and have kids with, and cheating on a girlfriend. 

Cheating on your wife is wrong.  No real debate about it.  If you have an open marriage...good for you.  Really...good for you...if it works for you, you are a lucky guy.  I'm not sure it would work for me, because for it to work, it would have to go both ways, and I am too selfish to share. 

Cheating on a girlfriend is something that falls on the scale between a normal activity, and a dumb activity...the scale is a sliding scale because 'girlfriend' is a term with a wide range of use.  One guys girlfriend is another guys booty-call.  'Wife' has no such wiggle room in it.

Guys do dumb things all the time.  Occasionally, we compound one dumb thing by doing additional dumb things.

This: Man hits Street for Redemption is one of those times. 

What a tard. 

Okay...you were silly, and for some reason cheated on a girlfriend.  So what.  If she was really the one, you would not have cheated on her.  I did not cheat on my wife when she was just my 'girlfriend'.  It did not feel worth the risk.

One of the things I have not been able to find are any pictures of The Girlfriend making him do the tasks...but you, know...it doesn't matter...she could be Katy Perry, Aishwarya Rai, Bill Gates and my wife all rolled up in to the Greatest Thing since fork split English muffins, and it wouldn't matter.  Either she is going to forgive you, or not.  If she is going to forgive you, she will do so without destroying your dignity in the process.

Grow some juevos Man!  Good Gravy...I have a wife and two kids...even if she ever did find out what I did that one night in Vermont with an ewe(hey, I refuse to believe I am the only one who ever misunderstood the term 'Animal Husbandry'), I would not do ANY of the things(well, maybe the timeline one, because that could be 'sweet') this guy supposedly has been asked to do. 

And there-in lies the other bone in my craw with this story....the guys girlfriend SHOULD have come forward by now, to show us what is so special about her that she can make a not horrible looking 22-year old soldier do this stupid stuff.

My guess is there is a 95% chance there is no girlfriend, and this guy is just trying to pitch a Romantic Comedy story to Hollywood in a new and interesting manner. 

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