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More Ballot stuff!

Well, the Patriots thrashing of the Dolphins seems to have given me life to express my unasked for opinion about more of the ballot measures in Washington.

4.  /Washington_Tax_Initiative,_Initiative_1053
Back in 2007, the people of Washington voted for I-960, which created a requirement that any new taxes in Washington had to either be passed by a 2/3rds super majority of The Legislature, or by the people.

In Washington, after two years, the Legislature can override voter initiatives, which they have done to get around I-960.

Long and short of it, this Initiative(sponsored by Tim Eyman, so get your 'Boos' out now) would put the requirements of I-960 back in effect again. 

So, 'Yes'.  Easy one.

5.  Washington_Workers_Comp_Insurance_Reform,_Initiative_1082_2010

Mumble, mumble, legalese,, more mumble boring stuff. 

Basically, it would take Workman's Comp out of the states hands, and put it in the hands of private insurance companies. 

Or, private EVIL insurance companies.  It all depends on if you are for or against. 

Me?  The more things we can get the state out of, the Better. 

6. Washington_Income_Tax,_Initiative_1098_2010

Before I get too carried away and frothing at the mouth, when you vote on this one remember...A yes Vote is for an evil, Satanic income tax, while a no vote means 'Take your income tax proposal, fold it up until it is all sharp corners, and shove it up your rectum.'


Yes, we must punish those evil people motivated and talented enough to make over $200,000($400,000 for a married couple) and 'Redistribute the Wealth'.  And worst of all, let's disguise it with pretty language to make it go to a 'dedicated' account for Education and Health Care.  What kind of bully wouldn't want to support education and health care? 

Maybe the bully's in the Legislature who with a convenient vote can(and do) rape and pillage all kinds of 'dedicated' funds every year.  And, it is just another simple vote to lower the income at which it will take effect in the future. 

But hey, you would see a 4% decrease on Property Taxes, which is about 20% of the decrease that you should have seen(but didn't!) due to property value decreases the last 2 years during the Great Recession. 

Patriots win euphoria is fading.  We'll tackle the alcohol ones later. 

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