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My sensitive side

Being an eclectic man of many interests, it only seems fair to talk about hunting preps one day, than expound upon my love of Glee the next night.

Love might be a strong a strong word.  My wife and I never really watched most of the first season...I really didn't give the show much of a chance until the 'Journey' episode, so I can hardly be considered a 'Gleek'.  I am continually blown away by the talent of the the kids(well, they are in the 20's for the most part) on the show...it kills me to think Kesha has the career she does, while these folks are...well, doing okay for themselves on Glee. 

I am also a pretty big fan of Rocky Horror, so I was looking forward to last nights Rocky Horror episode, and I thought it was really well done.  I understand they have to change some things to keep it okay for the 8PM slot on TV, and I thought the choice for Franken-n-Furter was inspired, even though having a girl play the part means it's not really a transvestite anymore, but....whatever...that girl can sing.

My favorite scene from the show was  'Toucha, Toucha Toucha, Me.'  It was very well played, tribute to the original, and I also thought that Jayma Mays sounded more like Susan Sarandon then Lea Micheals did...breathier...plus, she is a red head(Yes, Jayma Mays does it for me...but I think SWMBO knows that already)


 Let's also go ahead and add John Stamos to the list of people who are too good looking and too talented to continue to exist.  He once had Rebecca Romjin, and now he gets to hang out on TV and sing and do dance numbers with Jayma...shame on him.


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