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Glass Houses and all that...but, still....

After grabbing the mail on the way to the car yesterday, my wife was flipping through the new Field and Stream, when she made a strange noise, and then she asked me, 'So...what is the most you would ever pay for a pair of pliers?'

Like it matters, I asked her is she was talking about regular or needle nose, and she just huffed and said to pick which ever I thought was more expensive, so I think I just said something like $15(which is probably more than I would be willing to spend for one paid of pliers). 

She seemed to consider this for a minute, and then asked me why someone would pay $280 for a pair of these Hatch Nomad Pliers.

I almost ran our car off the road when she mentioned that number.

Folks...I am a hunter, and there are times I have spent more money than I needed to on an item of dubious purpose...either paying too much for something I did need, or buying something I just plain didn't need.  It's how we keep the economy moving as outdoorsmen. 

But, still...$280 dollars?!?!??!?!  For a pair of pliers? 

Holy Cow...and I don't even see how they would fillet your fish for you! 


  1. That's a C-channel, not an I-beam.

    But HEY- it's got a bottle opener!

    I'll stick with my Huskey Lineman's pliers.

  2. And I thought that Klein's were expensive, Klein's are worth it though.

  3. You want good pliers? Look for Hu Friedy on ebay. Made for surgeons and dentists, each pair is a flawless masterpiece. Spendy. And well worth it.