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Had to zig...will be back after the zag.

Like all good 'preppers'/smart people, when seasonal items go on sale, I buy them cheap...like corned beef, and turkey.  Now, I need to make room in the freezer, so it is time to cook one of the turkey up. 

Turkey takes prep work...thawing, brining...umm...wasn't planning on spatchcocking this one, so...I guess that is it for prep work.  It does mean if you want turkey Saturday, you need to commit to it Tuesdayish. 

Friday night, I was kind of thrown a loop...I found out through facebook, that Columbia Basin College, a CC level school in Pasco, was doing The Rocky Horror Picture show as part of their Summer Showcase...and that Summer Showcase shows are open to everyone to audition for, not just students, as I had always assumed, which is why I was surprised by these auditions, which happened last night, and today at noon.


Well, there is nothing wrong with bringing a turkey longer than 12-18 hours...and once it's cooked, we can always do open face sandwichs for dinner with it Sunday, in case it isn't ready in time for dinner Saturday.  Most of the turkey is going to be made into Ranch Chicken Burrito's my wife makes and freezes ahead of time, with hopefully enough left over after that to justify firing up the pressure canner.

They hope to have casting complete by Tuesday...more to follow. If I must say so, I CRUSHED Heaven on their Minds, from Jesus Christ Superstar, even if I did barely survive the dance portion of the audition.

While Carl Anderson does a great job in the movie version, I prefer Murray Head(One Night in Bangcock), who sang it on the original 1970 release.

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