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As You Wish.

Been an active last few days around here between Girl Scout Cookie Sales, and CATS rehearsals, and the 'ARGH...it's 75 degrees!  Summer is almost here, need to get some yard work done before it is too hot!' knee-jerking I've been doing.  On top of that, my 14th Wedding Anniversary was yesterday, so I've been trying to work in some time with my wife this weekend, too.

For our fancy date, my wife and I went out Friday night to a local Japanese Steakhouse, Fujiyama's.  Due to one of our daughters friends having a birthday party Friday night, we didn't make our reservations until 8pm...so when the party wrapped up early, we had a chance to slide in a visit to Cheese Louise, where they do free wine tastings every Friday night.  In this case 'free' meant it only cost me having to buy a cheese plate for the wife and I to nosh on, and a bottle of Martinez and Martinez Pinot Grigio.  Money well spent, causing my wife to ask when we turned into grownups, where wine and cheese replaced beer and nachos(not that I still don't dig me some beer and nachos).

Dinner itself was good.  Fujiyama's does all the same 'Japanese Steakhouse' things they do everywhere...knife tricks, flipping shrimp onto plates, FLAMES!  My wife had the Hibatchi Salmon, I splurged and went with a fillet/shrimp combo.  Yummy.  My wife said that her salmon was the best she had had since we moved to the Tri-Cities...I tried some and agree. 

Saturday, our actual anniversary, we spent at home with the girls, doing pizza and a family movie night.  This week we decided the time had come to introduce our daughters to the magic The Princess Bride.

I think the kids really liked it...they were very into the story...although what really got to my older daughter was the 1987 era video game Fred Savage was playing at the beginning of the movie.  They aren't running around quoting it yet...but if I make them watch it another 4-5 times this week, they might get there.

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