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Disappointment, they name is Bacon Lovers Sausage.

You can only imagine the way my eyes lit up when I saw new varieties of Jimmy Dean Sausage at the store today: Chorizo, and Bacon Lovers!  With Real Bacon!

Hell yeah I went home with a tube of Bacon Lovers sausage.

And I probably won't again. 

First of all...it was more expensive than normal Jimmy Dean Sausage(I prefer Jimmy Dean Sage, by the way).  Same price out the door, but only 12 ounces of product instead of 16, so 25% more per ounce.

The second, and final negative...it didn't taste worth the extra expense.  I mean...I will pay extra for something if I think it is worth it...this just didn't taste like it was worth it.  On an absolute scale, it doesn't taste bad...it just didn't taste any different than 'normal' Jimmy Dean sausage.

For a 2nd opinion, I offered some to my wife(no reason hogging it all to myself if it didn't taste special), and asked if she could taste any bacon.  She said not really, although there was a tiny bit of smokiness at the very end that could have been due to bacon.  Since she is a genius though, she said that we could probably get the same effect, and maybe even more bacon flavor, by throwing a tablespoon of bacon grease from the fridge.

Man, I love that woman.

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