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If that is on...

Holy Moly, The Walking Dead just came on...what happened to the weekend?

Friday, my wife and kids had a field trip to go on, and the first day of Girl Scout cookies booth sales, so to keep busy, I started on a project I promised my wife a while ago.  We have a walkway that splits our front yard in half, and since moving in she has expressed a desire to be able to plant a strip of lavender along either side of that walkway...so I decided the time had come to clear the grass and start working on the strips.

Man...dirt is heavy.  Cutting up the old sod was not tough...finding something to do with it was the tough part.  In this case, I decided to try something useful with it, and moved it to some bare patches in the backyard.  Heck, if even 5% of it takes, that would be nice.

I was sore.

Saturday we had a LONG day of rehearsal/publicity for the production of Cats I am involved with.  We are at the point where we are doing the serious blending of the actors roles/stage movement with the ballet's stage movement.  It wouldn't do for me to accidentally take out 3 or 4 dancers.  I'm sure I would win the collision...it would be memorable though.

Sunday was a family day.  Took the kids to the park for a nice walk and play time, and then I took my wife out for lunch and a bit of wine tasting before hitting The Home Depot to look at border ideas for her lavender strips.  I was hoping I could convince that something light would work(like some pressure treated 1 X 8's, but...no joy.  She wants something heavy and made of cement/concrete. 

That can wait until next weekend. 

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